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Mobilink jazz telenor ufone zong warid free call sms mms internet pakages tip trick and commentsshahzad.Prince66@gmail.Com

Shahzad Aziz
Content Download Apne Mobile Main Menu Likh
Kar Ufone: Se Send 411 Pe

ZongL: Se Send 146 Pe Karen Ufone Launched
Website To Book Online Any Favorite Zong Number Click Now: Zong Launched New
Website To Book Online Any Favorite Zong Number Click Now Mobilink Internet Free Mobilink Pe Muft Internet
Chalao With Jazz Orignal Net
Setting With Out Balance Ye
Site Open Karo Or Free Net
Enjoy Karo Jazz Power Tools Free
Use Jazz Se Power Tools Ko Free
Use Or Enjoy K Liye Dial *300# Ufone Complain Agar Apko Koi Complain Karni
Ho To Apni Complain Likh K
8123 Per Send Kar Dain Free
Hay UFONE Call Me Back Msg Agar Apke Paas Balance Nahi
Or Aap Kisi Ufone K Number
Per Call Me Back Karna
Chahate Hain K Wo Kisi Tarha
Aap Se Raabta Kare To Jis
Ufone Pe Sms Bhejna Hay Wo Number
Exmple : *333*1*6*2*03331234567
*9# LG All Mobile Codes Type 2945#*# ALL networks sim call
registration numbers:
Jazz:789 Ufone:789
Telenor:789 Warid:789 Telenor Sim Registration: Write Msg "REG" Send to 401
And u received Msg
Dear customer:Your Telenor
number is registered
in the name of ------------ with CNIC number
To confirm,Reply with Y.
To change information reply
with N. UNSUB All Network Caller
Tunes Service
Zong Unr Likh K 230 Pe Send Karen Telenor Unsub Likh K 230 Pe Send Jazz Unsub Likh K 230 Pe Send Ufone Unsub Likh K 666 Pe Send Warid Rbt Off Likh K 7171 Pe Send Ufone 100% Free Call
Detail Apne Cell Pe Dial Karen
*22*03331234567# Yani
*22*03331234567# Apki Call
Details Free Apke Samne
Mobile Screen Pe Hogi Zong Direct Call Center
Amazing Dial 1236p1p9p50 Bina Koi
Numvber Extra Dabae Apki Call
Direct Service Center K
Numaaende Ko Milaygi
P Ko Screen Pe Laane K Liye
* Star Ko 3 Baar Jaldi Jaldi Press Karne Se Aaega Zong free gprs IP :
User : NIL
Pasword : NIL
APN :zonginternet
Port :9201
Ufone free gprs IP :
User name : NIL
Pasword : NIL
APN : empty
Port :3127 Ufone free net Acces point name :ufone
port:3127 Call me back service
Zong se *100# ya *310# Warid se *123*7# Telenor se *345# Ufone se *333*1*6*2* 03331234567*9# Zong Free SMS Tricks Free SMS ZONG Message
center number is
+2236700050 and
+92 use most important and
this sms send only Zong to Zong Mobilank (Jazz) Free SMS
Tricks Free sms JAZZ Message
center number is
+263352221431 +92 use most
important and this SMS send
Jazz to Jazz only Warid Free Sms Tricks Free sms Warid message
center number is
+975467235572 or
+92 use most important and
this sms send Warid to Warid only Ufone Free SMS Tricks Free sms Ufone message
center number is
+417949983289 and
+92 use most important and
this sms send Ufone to Ufone only Zong free balance check Dial *100# from your Zong
Write 2 and send.
Write 1 and send. Ufone balance check free *333*1*2*1#
on your Ufone mobile screen Free Telenor Balance
Inquiry Just dial on your Telenor Sim
**444## back karen thori
dair main screen pe apka
balance ajaega Ufone Trick} For Check Ufone Time Write
Time And Send it to 1307 It,s
Free Enjoy
. {Manage Your Low
Battery In Emergancy} How to solve battery low
problem of mobile phone
Your Mobile Battery is Very
Low &you are expecting an
important call
BUT you don't have a
what to do?
Nokia instrument comes with a reserve battery.
To activate the battery, the
key-in *3370# your cell will
restart with this reserve and
your instrument will show a
50% increase in battery. This reserve will get charged
when you charge your mobile
next time. {Apnay Chori Huway
Mobile Ko Block Karwao} Agar Aap Ka Mobile Chori
Hojae To Aap Usay Block Or
Track Karwa Saktay Ho Jab
Bhi Mobile Lo To *#06# Dial
Kar K Apna IMEI ( Internationl
Mobile Identity ) Hasil Karain Or Apnay Pass Save Karlain.
Mobile Chori Honay Ki Soorat
Main Par IMEI
Code Mail Karain 24 Hours
Main Gprs&Internet
Technology Ki Zariye Aap K Mobile Ka Pata Chal Jaega K
Wo Kis K Pass Hai Agar Sim
Change Bhi Karli Ho Tab Bhi
Pata Chal Jaega So This Iz
Very Important Knowledge {Sim Means} What is Sim?
M=Module {Zong free msg centre} ZONG free msg. centre num
992929999999 message
sender after added 92 and
send the message with Enjoy! {Increase L.G Volume} LG mobile User friends Not
tension #*2945* dial and your
LG mobile set volume more
then powerful {Ufone Trick} From UFONE SIM dial
*333*1*4*1# u can see the
name of owner of your SIM
its free {Ufone Free Internet} UFONE FREE GPRS TRICK -
Use UCWEB browsing for use
free net. Use Trick with zero balance
UFONE free net just
download"uc web"and enjoy
free net. Opera mini 8 version
most important.
{Jazz Free Internet Trick} JAZZ free net:
Port.8080 {Warid Trick} Solid and Latest tricks 4
warid userz type HELP, HELP1
and HELP2 send it to 12320
and get free BREAKING-NEWS {Zong Cricket Updates} Download cricket crazy
application on ZONG send
message type “cric” to 525
enjoy ball to ball live scores. {Telenor} DJUICE now offer 700 SMS and
10 FREE mint. Only Rs.12 Tax
Format: *345*10# {Ufone} *999# dial and UFONE funkit
enjoy…! { Mobile Restarting Trick} Mobile restarting Tricks . Go
to write message 79 times
comma(,). Then send it to only
for NOKIA 1100,
1112,1110,2310,1600 {Samsung Restore Codes} Samsung Codes
*2767*3855# - FULL E2P
*2767*2878# - COUSTOM E2P
RESET {Track any Ufone
Number} Tracking information for UFONE
Write Findmobile number and
send it to 2002. Rs: 2 taxes
e.g Findmobile 03331234567
and send it to 2002 {Ufone free sms Centre} UFONE FREE SMS just change
message center
4179499833289 and save 92
and send… {China Mobile Restore
Codes} China Mobile Restore Code
1122, 3344, 1234, 5678 {Zong Block Service} ZONG call block *21*9230622#
UN block ##21# free register
ZONG SIM. Dial 8223 ZONG free
for PUK code send PUK to
380. {Telenor Free Callback
sms} : *345*8*1# TELENOR free
emergency SMS. Agr aap ka
balance zero hai tou aap
apny dost ko free mai msg
send kar skyt hain. Call BACK. {Ufone} Only For UFONE users: agar
aap apnai friends numbers ki
details jan’na chahtay hain
tou *334*1*2*1# dial karain.
Its totally free {China Mobiles} China Mobile LCD Contract #
369# Soft-Ware version #
800#, #900#. only for some
china mobiles. {Utune Code} Utune Code for “The Number
You Have Dialed is Not
Responding at the Moment” is
5021858 {Ufone Trick} From UFONE SIM dial
*333*1*4*1# u can see the
name of owner of your SIM. {Warid Free Sms Centre} This WARID free SMS center
number. 975467235572 enjoy.
But first 92 (100% working) {Warid Trick} Get Free WARID SMS score like
cricket, score, horoscope, etc
e.g. just type CKT send 12320.
No charges {Zong Trick} ZONG users Send HELP to 235
know about you dial Tune
details. Free of cost no
charges. {Nokia} *NOKIA Refreshing code for
s60 series * *#7370# {Zong} 1…: To receive miscall alert in
ZONG when you out of reach
busy are no coverage just
dial **66*9230622#
Deactivate ##66#. It’s free
2…: Every Sunday HOLE MONTHE Rs.50 every Sunday 7am to
12pm ZONG to ZONG call free
dial 916 activation charges
Rs.10 only 1st time
4…: Enjoy 24 hours free calls
on 1super Free Rs500 tax/ month Offer available on ZONG
free Package only. Dial 908 or
Send SUB free number to 908.
5…: Dial 912 and Subscribe the
Voice SMS bundle of Rs.100
and 80 free mints and 100 free SMS any Network Validity
15 days ZONG say it all. {Ufone Trick} UFONE nightly Package SUB
611 massage 500 Rs1 tax and
UNSUB 8611 {Zong} If u ZONG SIM without your
name or other name. Then
call 8723 and give your ID
CARD NUMBER. It’s free. {Ufone} Send your CNIC number to
969 n get your SIM register.
Only 4 UFONE subscribe. {Sonyericsson} SONYERICON codes lock status
to check IMEI *#06# {Zong free call to call
center} 170 or 171 from your ZONG
to make free call to ZONG call
center {Motorolla Trick for
increse msg space} To add extra message space
in Motorola C340.C450.C550
and menu button and quickly
press 048263* a pop up
appear enter 50 massage
extra space is added {Jazz,Ufone,Zong Trick} JAZZ SIM for your name dial
111, UFONE SIM for your name
779, and ZONG 8723 dial {Zong for check ur
remainig sms free} Check ZONG free SMS for
FREE. Send limit to 999 and
{Telenor Tricks }
1…: TELENOR Customers. Dial
555ppp2p1 for free balance check.
2…: TELENOR Customers. Dial
555ppp2p2 for free SMS
balance check {Ufone Free msg Centre} Free sms ufone to ufone msg
centre no iz 417949983289
and 18294149999 use 92
infront of any no e.g
923421234567 {Jazz Free msg centre} Free sms jazz to jazz msg
centre iz 263352221431 use
92 infront of any no e.g
923421234567 100% working China Mobile Top Secret
Codes china sets k secrit codes.
Info *#4960# send
sp lock *#3210# send
Version *#2820# send
Hardware Reset *73738# send
reset to default *#2220# send
unlock gprs settings *#2634#
special net unlock *#1110#
net lock *#8140# send unlock #4960*code# send
emi *#06# send
for test *#66# send
Default user code : 1122,
3344, 1234, 5678
Engineer mode : *#110*01# send
Factory mode : *#987# send
Enable COM port : *#110*01#
Device ->Set UART ->PS Config
-> UART1/115200
Restore factory settings : *#
987*99# send
LCD contrast : *#369# send
Soft-Ware version : *#800#
send Soft-Ware version : *#900#
Set default language : *#
0000# Send
Set English language : *#
0044# Send Set English languag: *#001#
Send {Warid} If You Want To Check Your
Number Simply Write Myno
and send it to 12320 it,s Free
Forexample:- Myno Send it to
12320. {Zong New Free Msg
Centre} 870772001799 Ye Msg Centre
Number hai It Works on All
Networks Mean Sms Can Send
to All Networks
No K Aagay 92 Likhana Hai
e.g:- 923441234567 Msg Sending Fail Hoga Lekin Msg
Zaroor Jaega.
NOTE: dostoo yr sari tricks
kise bhe waqat band ho skhti
hain in ke koi garrantee............. _________________ Ufone Pakistan Free
Internet Trick august
2012 Below is the newest and
100% working trick to use
free ufone internet in
Pakistan. august 2012
Free Ufone Internet Use,Click
read more for full details Homepage:
User: ufone
Password: ufone
IP Address:
Proxy: 8080
Access Point: ufone.ppt. Mobilink free internet on
PC: Mobilink free net User K Liye
Manual Setting!
august 2012 General Settings : Settings – HTML Connection Name : Connect
Bearer : GPRS
Access Point Name:
WAP Proxy (IP) address : Username : n/a
Password: n/a
Session type: Continuous /
Security: Off
Authentication: Normal Settings – MMS Connection name : MMS
Bearer: GPRS
Homepage URL: http://mms/
Access Point Name:
Gateway/WAP proxy/Proxy IP address:
Username: mobilink
Password: mobilink
Session type: Continuous /
Security: Off Authentication: Normal Settings – WAP Connection name : WAP
Bearer: GPRS
Homepage URL: http://
Access Point Name: Gateway/WAP proxy/Proxy IP
Username: mobilink
Password: mobilink
Session type: Continuous /
permanent Security: Off
Authentication: Normal Telenor Free Internet ON
pc 2012 trick This is the latest and working
trick from which you can use
free Telenor internet in
Pakistan.Enjoy unlimited
Telenor Internet from this
trick both on mobile & PC Free Telenor Internet
Connection Name : TELENOR
PORT : 8080
User name : telenor
Prompt Password : no
Pasword : telenor Authentication : normal
Connect your Phone with ur
PC via cable or bluetooth. A modem will be installed as
per your connection go to Control Panel => Phone
and Modem Options =>
Modems > Click on the
installed modem click on it and click on
“Properties” select tab
“Advanced” write the line in
extra initialization command..
click Ok.. again OK .. and close control panel. now Create New Internet
Connection Using Your
Installed Modem. ISP name: “TELENOR Free”
Dailup Number: *99#
User Name: telenor
Password: telenor
do not dail it yet….. INTERNET EXPLORER
SETTINGS Right Click on “Internet
Explorer” => Select “Options”
Select tab “Connections”
there u will see your created
internet connection ” telenor
Free” in dailup network setting.. click on it and then
click “Setting”.. click the
“Proxy Server” check box..
put the below line in
Proxy server
address: put “8080? in port..
then click ok…
again ok
dail your connection “telenor
Free”PC Settings
If you have telenor sim then first receive telenor original
POINT wap to mms AND SAVE
write the line in extra
initialization command.. AT
+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”mms” OK–>
USERNAME : telenor
PASSWORD : telenor
DAIL UP # : *99# OR *99***1# Warid Pakistan Free
Internet hack trick 2012 Download this browser and
use free internet with Warid
telecom (Warid tel ) august
2012 Download free internet zong Hack
2012 How can use free internet in
your mobile with ZONG
its simple august 2012. STEP: (1) => Go Write Msg
Option type your: Mobile
Company Name, Mobile Model,
Internet And send Msg 131 =>>> PlzZ save your setting
with code 1234 STEP: (2)
=> And than Go Internet
setting profile
Edit: APN
Change your APN setting; ==>> Type this One APN: Wapgw:
Use Free Internet & enjoy. Free Call to Service
Centres JAZZ 1344 or Mobilink help
line pe Free Call kr skty hain, so aap ko krna yeh hai k
apny number se*33*0000#
dail karo,aur call barning
active kr do then, 111, dail
karo Free dail hoga. Aur barning deactivatekrny k
liye. #33*0000# dail karo.It's
100% Working Ufone se FREE lik kar 7901 pr send karo. 50 mints FREE
milen ge. Dial 1236 For Free Call Zong Helpline Not For M9 Package.
Zong Se Free Likh Ke 710 Msg
Send Kare Aur Jeete Free
Minutes or Free SMS Jazz complain ya feedback free
send karo jazz se apna msg likh ker 796 pa send karo
free minutes ya smsmaloom
kerne k leye dial *110# zong say advance balance haseel kerne k leye empty
msg likh ker 911.
zong say free picture msg
hasil kerne k leye 1 say 6
number 146 per send karo
1-6. kesi telenor sim number ka location
maloom kerne k leye telenor
say -number- likh ker 779
per beajhe. Zong Users Checkyour prize Type "LIMIT" send it 710. zong
kay baqaya free mint
sms aur gprs maloom krny
kaliay *102# milain. Ufone Users Agr Ap kisi Bhi Naam ka
Meaning Malum krna Chahte
Hein To Type karein NDIC
(Space)Name nd Snd it To
1265. Msg Delievery Reports: Telenor Dial *345*959#
Zong Type SUB send it
Ufone Type SUB send it
148 free Block Zong Yaari-Calls Just
TYPE BL (space) Phone
And Send It To 800 zong se daily sms pkg me remaining sms ko free
malom krne k liay. Writ Limit
& send it to 999. Ufone ka number check karnyk liy
*888# kary or jazz k liy*99# dail karyn. Ufone SIM ki Information Janney K Liye STATUS likh kar
7009 Pe Send Karen.. Shahzad Aziz
03457309506 Ufone Se 546
Dail Karo Aur Apna N.I.C
Number Enter Karni K Thori
He Der Me Sim Aapky Naam
register ho jy gi Warid - To activate warid LBC offer write ON and send to
4337 (charges RS 1 tax).offer
is available for all prepaid
customers. TELENOR UPDATE : U Can Send,Recive Email Through
sms,No Internet is Requied,to
activate send SUB to 555 Rs
30 +Tax FREE BONUS MINTS check karo Dial: WARID *200# UFONE *707# JAZZ *110# TELENOR *222# ZONG ky liye P likh k 102 pr Send karain. Warid: If you forget your sim number Goto write Msg Type
"MyNo" send it 6060. You will
get your number. Warid:Get Any Songs caller tune Code Free... goto write
Msg Type Song Name Send it
8484 .
E.g: Munni Badnam Send to
8484. Warid: All Sim's 0rignal PIN2 Code 1234
PUK Code 99999999
PUK2 Code 56789123 ZONG FREE MENU: *271#
*150# *247# Try it Jazz SIM PUK CODE99999999
(Only for 0303 Series)
PUK2 CODE 56789123
(for all series) ZONG UPDATE: Apna exam Result janne k lie Msg Mein
apna Roll no likh kar 1818 per
bejo aur apna result deko At
Rs 5 tax. Ufone customarApni Nazdeeki sirvce point ya
Frinchaise ka pta krny k Liye
Blank SMS send to 6710,
Rs0.60 paisa Tax. Complain Centers:
Ufone Type Your Problem Send to 8123. ZONG Type Problem Send to 125. JAZZ Type Problem Sendto 796. MOBILINK: Dial 7272 and check PrizeBond lucky draw result (Rs.2 t/
mint) OR Send PRIZE BOND
AMOUNT to 7272 (Rs2 tax/
sms). ZONG Song ka name likh k 990 pe send kren or usay apni
tune muntakhib kren. Warid. Write Star #0 before msg and get free delievry
reports. Dial Tunes Ko Khatam Karne Ka Tarika ZONG UNR likh ke
230 pe send karain
Telenor UNSUB 230
Jazz UNSUB 230
Ufone UNSUB 666
Warid Rbt off 7171. JAZZ: Check your Packages run on your sim Goto Write
Msg Type PP send to 300. UFONE: ap ky number K khelaf Koi Complain To nahi jan'ne k
lye "Y" likh kr 1325 pr Beje. 10-11-2012 Trick mobilink Mobilink Free Internet With Working Proxy Setting For Nokia Smart
Phones User S60
or or
Or Authentication:
Proxy Server Adress:
or Proxy Port Number:
Java User Diya Giya Prov
Download Kare
To Download Prov Java prov by Fida.prov.rar
Java prov by Fida.prov.txt .
Or Download Below Provs
Opera Handler Setting Http
0.fa ce . co m Opera Handler Yaha Se
Download kare.
Opera Handlar Prov
Download Opera handler Java
User DoWnload Opera Handler
Andriod User Telenor Free sMs tricks 2013
Telenor dial: *345*0*4*3# and
get free 50sms! jitni bar dial
kro gay utni bat free sms
milen gay! checked by Me! so
lest enjoy :)
Shahzad Aziz

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